2018 Academy Day at RANEPA

On September 20, 2018, RANEPA will mark the 2018 Academy Day. The festivities will embrace the Moscow campus as well as all regional branches of the Presidential Academy. The celebration will feature concerts by special guest stars, a true gift for the participating students.
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A series of events will take place in the Moscow campus during the day. All institutes and faculties of the Russian Academy will be involved in the celebrations. The Picnic of Faculties and Institutes will take place outside Building 5, where departments will organize various activities and interactive events for everyone to join. Students will have a chance to take memorable photos and make unique coins. The Office for International Development and RANEPA Lyceum will participate in the Academy Day events for the first time.

The Student Council will hold its usual Academy Day quest. The participants will receive stamps for each activity to stick them on a special card. Those who earn the biggest numbers of stamps will receive prizes.
This year, a GTO Festival will replace last year’s track-and-field competition; the students will have an opportunity to compete in a wider range of sports. Freshman teams will play in a Soccer Cup. RANEPA cheerleaders will present their fascinating acrobatic show.

This year’s events will include a Kitchen Trucks Battle. We invite everyone to come and cheer for the teams comprised of both of teachers and students of the Presidential Academy. The winners will be determined by a professional jury and the audience vote. The award ceremony will take place on the stage in front of Building 6.

Winners of RANEPA music competitions – Academic Music Award and Be in Rhythm, will perform in the gala show along with guest stars, Malbek & Suzanna, and HammAli & Navai. The guest stars were chosen by a student vote in the official RANEPA group on VKontakte. Rector Vladimir Mau will congratulate the students and award the winners of the GTO Festival and the Freshman Soccer Cup.

Program of events

10.00 – Kitchen Trucks Battle (the main venue at Building 6).
11.00 – Registration for GTO Festival (hockey box).
12.00 – Audience vote for Kitchen Trucks Battle teams (the main venue at Building 6); GTO Festival (hockey box).
12.30 – Announcement of the Kitchen Trucks Battle winners (the main venue at Building 6); Freshman Soccer Cup, first semifinal match (soccer field).
13.00 – Freshman Soccer Cup, second semifinal match (football field).
13.50 – Freshman Soccer Cup, third-place match (football field).
14.00 – Picnic of Faculties and Institutes (outdoors, Building 5).
14.30 – Freshman Soccer Cup final (soccer field).
16.00 – Gala show with finalists of the Academic Music Award and Be in Rhythm (the main venue at Building 6).
16.50 – Remarks by RANEPA Rector, award ceremony for the GTO Festival and the Freshman Soccer Cup, cheerleaders’ performance (the main venue at Building 6). 
17.00 – HammAli & Navai (the main venue at Building 6).
18.10 – Malbek & Suzanna (the main venue at Building 6).

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