36 students from 14 countries successfully completed the first module of "Effective Leadership" course of the new English-taught master degree programs

The module was conducted by Professor Zeger Van Der Wal from the National University of Singapore (the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy). Zeger Van Der Wal is a researcher and consultant in the field of organizational values and culture, efficiency management and team motivation.

The module for effective leadership opened two English-taught master's programs "Master of Science in Strategic Communication + MPA / MBA" and"Master of Science in Global Leadership + MPA / MBA". These are new programs that are designed to bring together representatives of the business community and public authorities to find joint and effective solutions.


The program "Global Leadership" is built at the junction of two areas: the state and business. The listeners have a task to learn how to interact and build partnerships. Civil servants and businessmen learn to hear and understand each other, share experiences, implement and present common projects, being in the same audience. In this, they are helped by the best international experts and practitioners from Russia, England, America, Singapore, and Canada. 

The "Strategic Communication" program prepares professional negotiators and mediators capable of conducting international negotiations at the state level, in the commercial and non-commercial sector. Students learn the skills of negotiating with foreign partners at the highest level, study cross-cultural communication, business protocol, the foundations of public policy, government relations, political and business communications.back to list