An open lecture by Sheila Fitzpatrick, Professor of History at the University of Sydney.

sheila_fitzpatrik (1).JPG «Back to the Motherland: Why Some Soviet ”Displaced Persons” Chose to Return after the Second World War»
October 4, 2018, 19.00
Moscow, Prechistenskaya naberezhnaya, 11, building 1, MediaLoft  (022)

We know about forced repatriation of “DPs”  from Europe after the Second World War, and of the fact that the majority of remaining DPs from the Soviet Union subsequently refused to return and became part of the new wave of emigration resettled by the International Refugee Organization in North America, Australia and elsewhere. But little is known about the smaller number of DPs who, despite discouragement by the Allied occupation regimes and in the DP camps, agreed to Soviet offers of voluntary repatriation and returned in the years 1947-52. This paper examines the range of reasons for the DPs’ return and their experiences abroad on the basis of interviews conducted with repatriants at the point of entry.

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