Apply for City University of Hong Kong Summer School:
Public Administration System

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Active: August 26-31, 2018

Application Deadline: July 10, 2018 (till 6 pm, Moscow)

Location: City University of Hong Kong

School Course includes:

School Course Structure can be found here.

Fee Cost: $950 USD

Students Expenditures:

Discount by ISS:

ISS provides 100% discount on the fee cost. The selection will be handled in a form of the contest based on an overall student rating and an English language rating. The discount can be given to the students of ISS only. And it doesn’t apply to air tickets.

Attention! All discounts are taxed with Personal Income Tax!

Application Kit:

Any 1-3 year undergraduate programs student of Institute for Social Sciences can apply.

Please, download and fill in this application form till July 10, 2018 года (till 18 pm, Moscow), and send it to with the following documents kit:

Academic Mobility Manager
Vera Surkova
+7 499 270 29 84 (10 am — 17 pm, Moscow)

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