The Institute for Social Sciences and the Escuela Internacional de Comunicación signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

The recently signed Memorandum officially initiated the process of collaborative activities between the ISS and the EIC. The Institute for Social Sciences is now preparing to implement the most efficient EIC courses into the curriculum of the similar-major ISS programs to develop students’ mobility and to advance the international professional competences. This collaborative project will be carried out in cooperation with the ISS Program “MSc in Digital Communications and New Media”.

The Escuela Internacional de Comunicación (EIC) is a Madrid-based private school focused on educational programmes and research projects for Masters and those who intend to get a short-term specialized education. EIC offers programmes with majors in communications. This list includes MSc in Corporate Communication and a wide range of short-dated professional training courses.

The School was founded by a group of experts and professionals in reputation management and PR who aggregated all available resources and expertise to embody the project. All founders have a broad management experience – in projects, departments, media companies, – applied in various national markets, and the international one as well.

The EIC faculty is a group of high-qualified experts cooperating with the leading business schools of Spain and other countries. They have both – large international practice and the vast base of the essential practical knowledge.

"Expertise and ongoing training are our moto. We are totally committed to excellence and a close relationship with the industry. Our innovation and research define us. All our professors strive to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers through the constant development of new course content, methodologies and resources. We have a global perspective and all our courses are tailored to the international market. Our professors and the case studies referenced always embody a cosmopolitan perspective which gives them international relevance."

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