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Professor Carol Scott Leonard, MGPP Program and formerly faculty at Oxford U. Professor Mikhail Pryadilnikov, Deputy Head, Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation and MGPP Faculty Member will deliver the public lecture on July 12. The event is initiated by Robin Lewis, the Program Director of the MSc in Global Public Policy Prorgram.

Is this key goal of the Russian Government achievable? To meet this goal, economic growth will have to exceed averages in Western Europe and the US while keeping inflation at a rate not above 4%.

For MGPP, this means assessing the impact of public policies on the economy and on policy-making itself.  The range of accelerated reforms that may be necessary to reach this goal includes investment in science and innovative technology, university education for a more skilled entrepreneurial leadership, improved efficiency in attracting FDI by the regions, and sustained progress across the most innovative export-oriented sectors.

This talk focuses on the government’s commitment to this essentially results-oriented medium- and long-term policy planning, and to diversification for encouragement of entrepreneurship. We think there is some chance it will fall short of this goal in terms of economic diversification.  However, we also ask if the advantages Russia can achieve just through stability and impressive growth will help strengthen Russia’s geopolitical position.

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