Students of MSc in Global Leadership and MSc in Strategic Communication have successfully presented projects on “Global Public Management”

Under the guidance of our Academic Director, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy and Administration at the School of Policy and Administration at Carleton University (Canada), and Director of the Centre on Governance and Public Management, famous political consultant who has worked for such organizations as UN and the World Bank, Leslie Pal, our students have learned about effective Public Management and about the performance of different International organizations. 
During the intensive course, our master students analyzed and discussed main activities and surveys of large international organizations and then designed small projects on improving and developing Public Management in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Russia. 
The international and professional diversity in the groups made project discussions even more catchy and interesting as the issues were seen from absolutely different points of view. 
We wish to our students to keep that inspiration and use the knowledge they’ve received in their professional lives! 

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