The amazing experience of being an Exchange Student

IMG_2409.jpgThe School of Public Policy and Management offers to its best students a great opportunity to become a participant of an Exchange program for a semester at one of the universities partners. This year 7 best second-year GGL students took part in the Exchange Program.

Elena Drozdova, Alina Serykh and Aleksandr Nikolashvili have chosen the Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada while Mark Melamed, Alfred Markelov, Pavel Zharkov and Kirill Skoropupov decided to take a semester at the Leiden University in the Netherlands. Guys proved themselves really well participating in various student projects, coping with tasks and exams.

Elena Drozdova: "Actually, I don’t have enough words to share the admiration and excitement which overflow me after this wonderful trip. I can say that it’s one of the most impressive, incredible, and unforgettable experiences in my life! Personally for me, it was quite challenging and because of this even more fascinating, as we had to adapt to the new conditions of life across the ocean from the home-country sufficiently fast, also, we had to get used to new types of tasks and requirements at the university; but all these details made the experience I gained from the semester even more amazing."

Alfred Markelov : "I’ve enjoyed the exchange period tremendously, it was very challenging yet rewarding. I can certainly say I’ve learnt a lot, particularly when it comes to working with academic sources and conducting research. Moreover, spending a semester abroad gave me an opportunity to reflect on the current global affairs."

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