Research Centers

The scientific potential (research base) of the ISS is currently based on more than 15 Research and Expert-Analytical Centers.
We are among the Russian top in the field of academic research. We are successful because we apply fundamental academic research in an innovative way when dealing with social and individual problems. 

Focus areas

Research within the Institute for Social Sciences concentrates on six themes : Public Policy and Public Administration, Humanities, Political Sciences, Social Sciences and Urban Devepment. Within these six focus areas we research the possibilities and challenges of a sustainable society.

Contact details

To address you message to a specific Research Center, mention its name as a message topic. Your request or question will be forwarded to the Center contact person shortly.

Our 15 research centers make a significant contribution to the Institute academic life. They handle a huge range of scientific activities, involving both – faculty and students. They do research, publish journals, books, and carry various international events focused on social sciences and humanities. Besides, a wide scope of fields of interest brings a lot of interdisciplinary interaction which is essential for the contemporary sciences.

Research Research Center for Public Policy and Public Administration

The mission of the Center for Public Policy and Public Administration is to contribute to the formation of a modern model of public administration in Russia that is capable of constant evolutionary change based on systematic work on the formation of new knowledge and competences of civil servants. To implement this mission and maximize the potential of the RAS, the Center carries out research projects, consulting activities in the interests of government bodies and participates in the development of a new generation of programs for basic and additional education for civil servants.

School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities

It is a research unit, which includes 7 Research Centers:
- Oriental Studies and Comparative Historical Linguistics;
- Oriental Studies and Comparative Linguistic Studies;
- Cultural History Studies;
- Economic and Social History;
- Theoretical Folklore Studies;
- Ancient Culture;
- Historical and Literary Studies;
- Economic and Social History.

Research Center for Russian Studies

The work of the Center is aimed at ensuring the development of research in the field of political economy, economic and social history, politics and society in Russia. The Center goals are aimed at creating new opportunities for organizing interaction among the academic community. The Center encourages publications on the history and current state of affairs in the Russian economy, providing an opportunity and a place for writing research work.

Research Center for Resource Economics

"Raw curse", "Dutch disease", "oil needle" - these are just some of the epithets used when it comes to the role of natural resources in economic development. The key task of the Center is to change this attitude and develop practical recommendations, taking as a basis examples of successful economic development of countries rich in minerals. An important principle of our approach is that commodity countries with better economic and social institutions are better able to manage revenues from the export of natural resources and achieve higher results in the field of economic growth and social development.

Research Center for the Development of Educational Systems

The Center was created with the purpose of scientific and methodological support of the development of regional and municipal educational systems, as well as educational organizations, in the context of the new priorities of the educational policy of the Russian Federation.
The Center conducts scientific conferences, symposia, seminars and provides scientific and methodological assistance to educational institutions, ministries, departments, organizations.

Research Center for Political and Social Monitoring

The main objective of the Center's activities is to conduct monitoring and operational sociological studies that ensure the receipt of reliable information necessary for state and municipal government bodies to develop and adjust socio-economic and other solutions to ensure "feedback" in the interaction of the state with the population, taking into account its social -cultural characteristics and features of mass consciousness.

Center for Sociological Research
The Rearch Center for Sociological Research was established in 2011. The main objective of the Center's activities is to conduct relevant socio-economic research and contribute to the development of social and economic knowledge about modern Russia. The Center also organizes the Eurobarometer project.
Rearch Center for Political Theory and Applied Political Science
Main research topics:
- National States in the Context of Transnational Migrations;
- Political Processes in the Post-Soviet Space;
- The European Union and Russia Relations;
- World Politics and the Theory of International Relations.
Town-Planning Expertise Center
Assistance to the successful development of territories and qualitative changes in the sphere of urban planning and architectural design, consulting and professional management of territorial development through the formation of an institute of independent expertise, the development of effective planning standards and the dissemination in Russia of new urban development practices.

Research Center for Cognitive Studies
The Center for Cognitive Research unites specialists from different "cognitive" areas. Among our research interests are the processes of thinking in the course of solving problems and problems (from simple puzzles to poorly structured management problems), the development of the conceptual sphere in children, the psychological mechanisms of learning, including language learning, the interaction of several languages ​​among themselves in human thinking, cognitive mechanisms of expertise (high level of achievements in solving any tasks - intellectual, managerial, communicative, teaching, language, professional, etc.), i.e. that distinguishes experts in any sphere from beginners, and others.

Overview of all Research Centers of the Institute for Social Sciences.

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