Trust me, I will become excellent MsC!

It won't be that hard, as some people say, but you should thoroughly follow our guide to get to the mountaintop. Just define which sort of programme you are applying to, and that's the way the quest will start!
Do you know that we introduced two more English-taught Master's programmes this year? Have a look at the full list right now! It's worth that! MSc in Global Leadership + (MBA/MPA)and MSc in Strategic Communication + (MBA/MPA).

1. Online Application Request is the best way to let us know you wanna be our student. So fill it and submit at first right now below!

2. Start preparing the package of documents to apply for any graduate program:
  • Filled, signed & scanned Application form
  • The given example is very helpful.
  • filled Invitation Application Form
  • A purpose statement of 1000-1200 words in English. Which is your opportunity to tell us about yourself. Why Academy and the Institute? Why did you choose this very programme, not that one? Your ambitions, hopes, life experiences, and inspirations – we want to know you better. Please, take your time on this assignment — it should be logical & narrative. Be open and reflective. Be confident and express yourself openly and honestly. 
  • CV(resume) in any form

These documents must be legalized and translated into the Russian language before your arrival to Moscow. The translation must be certified/attested by notary.
  • Original or scanned copy of your passport will prove your identity and citizenship. 
  • Translation of the 1st page of passport with a notarial attestation
  • University diploma (you must have a state-approved degree or higher education — a Bachelors or Masters degree),
  • University transcript of courses.
  • HIV/AIDS test (original report + translated to Russian)

3. If you have additional documents which can tell us about your previous international activities and professional development - submit them with the package of documents to receive a partial scholarship from ISS. More information about the Scholarships find here.

4. It takes not more than 1 week for Admission Committee to review your Application and the package of documents. There will be arranged a Skype interview with a member of Admissions Committee and your chosen Program representative.