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Joint Exchange Program MSSES & ISS [RANEPA]

msses-300x300 - копия.pngInstitute for Social Sciences of RANEPA (ISS) and Moscow school of social and economic sciences (MSSES) have founded an English-taught joint exchange program for Partners of both Universities. We encourage international students to apply for Exchange semester or as free movers to get a new and unique experience in the biggest Russian University!


· No tuition fee for the students from Institute for Social Sciences of RANEPA or MSSES Partner Universities who signed Exchange Agreement. List of Partner Universities >>

· For students from other Universities (free movers), the tuition is 850 USD dollars per 3 Credits.

Semester Fulfillment Requirement:

· The program is for students who are already enrolled in a higher education institution and would like to conduct studies for one semester at the ISS.

· This program is open to 4-year college or university students who are currently studying at their home universities as full-time students and have completed two (2) semesters (or the equivalent) before the nomination/application period.

· For transfer students or graduate students, a minimum of one semester's results from the university must appear on the official transcripts.

Contact MSSES & RANEPA Exchange program coordinator at

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To be eligible for an exchange with the MSSES or RANEPA, you must be a registered student at one of our partner universities. Many partnership agreements are subject-specific, so check that the agreement with MSSES or ISS of RANEPA is in your subject area. The International Office at your home university will be able to provide you with help and advice.


Check our courses catalog to see whether we offer courses that fit with your study program at your home institution. Discuss your courses choices with your home academic advisor.


Your university must officially nominate you by email before you can apply. The nomination should include your full name, contact details, subject area, level of study, whether you wish to come for Fall semester or Spring semester. You will then be contacted by International Office and advised on the application process.

Semester in Moscow offers a wide array of courses across disciplines for undergraduate and graduate students. Russian language training is available at all levels, and students can also enrol in SPP’s Russian-taught courses if their command of the language is strong enough.


Due Date for
Application Forms
(undergraduate & graduate)

Fall Semester:
September 2018 – January 2019 

Spring Semester:
February 2019 – July 2019   

Nomination for
Fall 2018

May 31, 2018

Deadline for Nomination Exchange
students from partner Universities

Deadline for
Fall 2018

June 12, 2018

Deadline for Visiting Individuals
with tuition fee charged

Nomination for
Spring 2019

November 1, 2018

Deadline for Nomination Exchange
students from partner Universities

 Spring Semester 2019  

 November 15, 2018  

Deadline for Visiting Individuals
with tuition fee charged


For Exchange Students
Depending on the arrangements with the partner institution, incoming exchange students can either choose a set of 6 courses on their own for 1 semester or obtain a list of courses agreed in advance with the partner institution, which will be unchanged throughout the exchange period.
For Visiting Individuals

Students who study on a fee basis can choose up to 6 courses per semester. The payment is made according to the agreements between listener and MSSES (or RANEPA) for the entire set of courses in accordance with the one who organizes the specific course. For example, if the student chooses 5 courses, of which 2 are provided by RANEPA, and 3 by MSSES, the student pays for 3 courses to MSSES bank account and for 2 courses to RANEPA account. Online payment option will be available soon.
Courses are divided between the majors, each student can choose courses from any major, organized in a particular semester, but in case of overlays in the schedule (which is known before the arrival of listeners), he/she is invited to replace one of the courses with another one.

Joint course Customized courses
Listeners join MSSES or RANEPA group
of degree students
Courses are opened only with the group 
of 6 or more enrolled exchange students  


Transfer from the airport upon arrival
and to the airport upon departure

Paid by the students
upon arrival in the amount of 35 USD.


Provided on Campus in twin rooms.
Cost is about 250 USD per month.
Payment by cash (Russian rubles)
or by card (Visa, MasterCard)
in the Dormitory upon arrival.
May be paid in parts each month.

For more information and the course cost
for visiting individuals,
please contact International Office


· Exchange students are those who are nominated by an overseas university under the bilateral exchange agreement. Exchange program candidates can apply through the International Office of their home university. Tuition is paid to the home university, and in most cases, the application and documentation fee is waived.

· Visiting individuals - Students those who are planning to attend for a semester NOT through the student exchange channel. Tuition is paid to MSSES/RANEPA, and the application and documentation fee should be paid at the time of application.

· Minimum English Requirement

Students have to know enough English in order to attend the classes. We do not require any test proving your level of English but mind that you need, at least, a CEF level “B1”. “B2” is recommended.

· Minimum GPA Requirement (4.0 scale)

For exchange students, we trust that partner Universities are going to do a selection. Your institution decides who to send.


850 USD Per year

per 3 ECTS (for free-movers)

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