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Duration of study: 4 years 
Format: full-time 
Language of instruction: Russian

Liberal Arts programs were widely distributed in universities and colleges in the US in the second half of the twentieth century and became the main factor for the emergence of American higher education in the leading positions in the world. Currently, there is an active dissemination of Liberal Arts programs in European countries.

The fundamental difference between Liberal Arts and traditional university programs is the possibility of combining two specialization profiles: major and minor from the list offered by the Faculty. The possibility of such a choice is reflected in the Russian-language title of the program - Multidisciplinary Bachelor degree. At the same time, the choice of profile is not made at the time of admission to the university, but after studying the general block of disciplines.

This structure of the program allows the student to form a truly individualized training program, which provides the graduate with a unique set of competences.

The scientific supervisor of the program is Professor of the University of Oxford (UK), Academic Program Director of the Faculty of Public Administration of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the editorial board of the journals "New Literary Review", "Slavic Review" (USA), "Cahiers de Monde Russe" (France) Andrei Zorin.

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Phone: +7 968 825 85 57
WhatsApp, Telegram: +7 968 825 85 57

"Liberal arts will equip you with a strong set of analytical skills, teaching you how to adapt and be flexible in an ever-changing global marketplace. Acquiring varied knowledge in the context of a sound value system will make you a more mindful and comprehensive person, while engaging your creative energy in an exciting exploration of self and humanity."

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About LAC

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- Languages and Civilizations of the East
- Economics
- Political Science
- Laboratory of Conflictology
- Sociology
- Architecture of the city
- Translation: from theory to practice
- New studies of modern culture
- Designing
- Legal regulation of entrepreneurship and corporate governance
- Psychology of business
- Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities
- Youth Policy Management
- Advertising and public relations
- History of European Art




Can an International student be accepted to LAC programs?
- Yes, students from any country can apply and be accepted for LAC programs. You will need to have at least B1 Russian language level or pass final exam after 3 modules of the Russian Language Regular Program. 90% of courses are taught in the Russian language.

What exams will I need to pass to be accepted for LAC programs?
- It is recommended to pass Russian Unified State Exam (ЕГЭ). Each major has its own list of 3 exams, so you are free to choose which exams to pass and apply for a major that will be suitable for your documents and exam results. International students also have the opportunity to pass inner RANEPA exams which are not related to ЕГЭ.

What exams do I need to pass to be accepted for a specific Major?
- Advertising and Public Relations (русский язык, обществознание, иностранный язык )
- Sociology (русский язык, обществознание, математика)
- Psychology (русский язык, биология, математика)
- Journalism (Mediajournalism) (русский язык, литература, экзамен проф. направленности)
- Philology and Translation (русский язык, история, иностранный язык )
- Foreign Regional Studies (русский язык, история, иностранный язык)
- History (of the Russian State Governance) (русский язык, история, иностранный язык)
- Public Policy (русский язык, обществознание, иностранный язык)
- Management (русский язык, математика, иностранный язык)

What if I passed ЕГЭ and was accepted at the ISS of RANEPA but for different major that I want to study?
- Do not worry! The first year curriculum is the same for all LAC programs after you will pass your 1st year exams in Spring, you will be able to write the Request to be transferred to the major that you are interested in. So starting from the second year you will have courses related to the major that you have chosen.

What document will I receive after graduation?
- You will we awarded with Bachelor degree state diploma in the main Major that you choose after your first year of study.
In addition, you will have the Transcript will all courses that you took during your education at the LAC including your minor courses. The third document that you will receive is the RANEPA Certificated where your chosen Major and Minor will be mentioned separately for your future employees better understanding.


280 000 - 360 000 rubles Per year

Tuition fee depends on the Major you choose upon application.

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