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The world is changing. Be a leader of global changes.

Duration of study: 2 years
Format: Full-time
Language of instruction: English

 The Master of Global Public Policy is a two-year master's program launched in 2014. MGPP is the first to offer students the remarkable resources of Russia's two global cities combined in one master's degree that is designed to utilize the strengths of both Moscow and St. Petersburg in an effective fashion. The target audience is both broad and deep, encompassing both Russian and international students, and also recent graduates and those with professional experience. Taught entirely in English, this two-year program is jointly offered by the MGPP Program in Moscow and the Department of Comparative Political Studies at the North-West Institute of Management in St. Petersburg, both under RANEPA label. Students come from over a dozen countries around the globe and the world-class faculty also teach at or have advanced degrees from Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, Sorbonne, and other top universities. The program meets international standards and has been carefully benchmarked to the top graduate-level public policy programs around the world. It is designed to prepare graduates as future leaders and professionals, to address global challenges with sound public policy.


The MGPP program is the first of its kind in Russia and taught entirely in English. It attracts top students and scholars from around the world to Moscow and creates exciting opportunities for Russia's engagement in the ongoing policy dialogue on our common global future.

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The MGPP is a two-year master’s degree that meets international standards and has been carefully benchmarked to the top graduate-level public policy programs around the world. This program will offer rigorous theoretical training, melded with a policy-oriented pedagogy that emphasizes problem-solving and the development of strong analytical and management skills.


The first year of the program will be delivered in Moscow and will be comprised of a foundational interdisciplinary curriculum that is taught by top faculty from Russia, France, UK, US, Brazil, and other countries.  Students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to address a range of crucial global policy dilemmas-- economic development, climate change, food and water resources, terrorism and security, global pandemics, and natural disasters, to name only a few.

St. Petersburg

In the second year in St. Petersburg, students will choose from a range of electives in comparative politics that will enrich their perspectives and provide advanced training in analytical skills.  In the final semester, a capstone project will be undertaken to allow students to utilize the training they have received to tackle a significant policy issue in either a Russian or global context, and in many instances the project will be delivered as a consultancy assignment to a client, who may be in the governmental, private, or non-profit sectors.

Russian Language

Instruction will be provided in both cities at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

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The Core Curriculum, which is taken primarily in the first two semesters, focuses on the fundamental knowledge and skills that enable students to master the academic discipline of global public policy. It consists of courses in a range of relevant fields of study – political science, economics, history, and management science. The core provides students with a common experience in the essentials of public policy that will make MGPP graduates clearly recognized as exceptionally well-prepared professionals capable of tackling the world’s most pressing policy issues.

All students will choose a final project in their third semester, either a research-based Thesis or a practice-based Capstone Project, and be supervised by faculty advisors. Students will present their final results at a public session (defence) before the RANEPA community and invited guests at the close of their fourth and final semester.


MGPP has been created with the advice and active support of a number of leading public policy experts from the US, Canada, China, Brazil, South Africa, France, Singapore and other countries. The World Bank and McKinsey are strategic partners and RANEPA is developing collaborative partnerships with global public policy institutions, including the newly-established International Development and Public Policy Alliance (IDPPA), whose President is Professor Robin Lewis.


MGPP students are eligible for exchange programs with three distinguished universities located in global cities in Europe and Asia. These exchanges are in the third semester and students can choose from among these three programs:

Bocconi University [Milan, ITALY]
Sciences Po [Paris, FRANCE]
Tsinghua University [Beijing, CHINA]


The global policy professionals of the 21st century must be equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively analyze and solve a range of difficult 

global problems that can only be solved through innovative, collaborative efforts-- policy dilemmas such as economic development, trade and finance, climate change, food supply, terrorism and security, global pandemics, and natural disasters, to name a few.

Also, ISS is an integrated part of the Presidential Academy which is the headquarters for the International Development and Public Policy Alliance (IDPPA),
a consortium of nine leading graduate policy programs in the “BRICS Plus” countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, and Malaysia).  MGPP students benefit from research and study tour collaborations among these programs, and also from visiting faculty.

MGPP produces graduates with cutting-edge knowledge and also strong analytical tools (both qualitative and quantitative), so their career choices are broad and multi-sectoral: not only in government agencies, but also in think-tanks, research institutes, private companies (especially multinationals), international organizations (such as World Bank, IMF, United Nations, development agencies), and consulting firms.


The Program Director is Professor Robin J. Lewis, formerly Associate Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.  Prof. Lewis is also President of the IDPPA, an alliance of BRICS-based graduate schools. MGPP's official strategic partners, with whom the program frequently collaborates on events and other activities, are the World Bank and McKinsey.

Our faculty are both top academics and working professionals from government, consulting, and business entities. Leading Russian experts such as Vladimir Mau, Andrei Zorin, Sergey Zuev, and Yermolai Solzhenitsyn are joined by renowned faculty from France, the US, UK, Brazil, and other countries who have doctorates from or have taught at Harvard, Columbia, Oxford, MIT, Indiana, and other top-ranked global universities.

The MGPP curriculum is interdisciplinary and focuses on practical applications of policy concepts and lessons from best practices around the world. Courses are based on leading works in economics, political science, sociology, demography, history, and other disciplines. 


Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University

visiting professor, Global Co-Sponsor of Sustainable Finance and Global Head of Central Banks and Reserve Managers for HSBC

Director of the Institute for Social Sciences

Visiting professor, Jr. Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University,

Lecturer at the Department of Comparative Political Studies at the North-West Institute of Management

Visiting professor, on the editorial board of the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance and the Journal of Management and Finance (University of Gdansk)

Professor, the Head of the Department for Strategic Planning, Government Programs and Investment Projects at the Ministry for Economic Development

Adjunct Professor, RANEPA

Program Director


7500 USD Per year

The price is fixed for the entire period of study.

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