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Duration of study: 2 years 
Format: Full-time 
Language of instruction: English 

The main focus of the International Master's Program in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS is a combination of studying business disciplines in a global context and understanding the cultural and social processes in different countries.
Graduates are prepared for managerial work, in which it is vital to understand the economic and cultural diversity of different players in real-world situations on the global market. In addition to a basic knowledge of finance, marketing, strategic management, and communication theory, graduates will possess the ability to conduct market analysis, make decisions, and complete projects.
They will also be able to understand the characteristics and nuances of other cultures, allowing them to work in different countries in a multinational, multicultural global context. Textbooks alone cannot teach this.


The mission of the International Master's Program in International Business is the formation of a force of professional managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders of a market-oriented economy who are entrepreneurial, ethical, competitive, and ready to work successfully in both national and global environments.

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The program allows students to study
for one semester in our French partner-university
as a part of the “Double Degree” Program,
by which students can also receive
a Master degree of Burgundy School of Business.


7500 USD Per year

The price is fixed for the entire period of study.

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