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The very essenses of Russian language

This immersive programme was worked out at ISS as a full-time intensive language course designed to help non-native Russian speakers achieve the proficiency required to study in Russian-taught academic programmes, use Russian professionally at the workplace, and to take Russian language exams (A1, A2, B1). And you will get the non-typically good vocabulary besides – due to advanced communicative techniques and huge intelligence of our faculty involving students into learning the Russian cultural codes and background. The process includes taking part in communicative games and debates, working out and delivering presentations on various topics.
We designed 3-module course covering 3 steps of language learning — starting from the "blank page" to discussing great Chekhov with native speakers.
You can either take the whole course or join a definite module to continue your education process.
We have English and Chinese speaking professors, who possess stunning experience in working with students from all over the world.


200 hours
duration: October, 1 — December, 21
deadline: July, 15


200 hours
duration: February, 1 — April, 10
deadline: December, 15


300 hours
duration: September 15 — December, 21
deadline: July, 15

  • Fees&Accommodation
  • Module 1: Beginners
  • Module 2: Pre-Intermediate
  • Module 3: Intermediate



2000 USD per Module or 4000 USD per 2 Modules

Includes tuition and fees, transfer to and from the airport,
books and supplies, cultural activities and transcript of records.
Please note that the program fee does not include
the cost of travel to and from Moscow and medical insurance.
Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements.


Twin room on campus — 250 USD /
month (1000 USD per Module)

Students will be responsible for additional costs
not specifically mentioned above including airfare, 
some meals during field trips, and personal expenses.
These additional expenses are estimated to total approximately
$700 to $1,500: (airfare) plus ($300-$600 personal expenses per month).


А0 — А1

This course is about basic communicative tools in Russian. The students learn to understand spoken and written language and to express themselves orally and in writing. Add some introductory information about the life and culture of Russians today. In learning a new language, you also become familiar with the basic structure of Russian and the system that allows Russians to communicate. We will focus on the development of 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as the expansion of cultural knowledge.


А1 – А2

This module is intended for students who have completed some initial coursework in Russian or who are familiar with basic grammatical concepts and vocabulary. The course is meant to provide students with intermediate communicative tools in Russian. 

The students will expand and deepen their knowledge
of Russian grammar (the various meanings conveyed by verbal aspects,
declension of modifies and adjectives (singular and plural),
unprefixed and some prefixed verbs of motion),
acquire greater command of vocabulary and increase their ability
to understand, speak, read and write Russian.
They will also learn some information
about the life and culture of Russians today.


А2 – B1

This course is dedicated to developing students’ aural/oral communications skills and also advanced reading and writing skills, capitalizing on the rich linguistic surroundings to produce a qualitative jump in speaking and writing abilities. Students work to develop more sophisticated syntax, and grammatical structures which receive high-frequency usage in written texts and are the object of special focus. Reading texts are key to student level and include texts from the areas of current affairs, culture, business, and politics.
Grammar is studied in the context of communicative tasks, vocabulary significantly expanded. Reading materials provide a basis for in-class discussion and writing assignments at home. By the end of this class, students should be able to communicate on a wide range of themes with native speakers unused to talking to foreigners. 

Student utterances will begin to display markers of greater coherence
(paragraph-length discourse), and students should
show significant progress in the development
of such language functions as narration, description, and comparison.
Students should be able to more or less comfortably
read abridged newspaper texts on the above topics
and to read more specialized texts with the aid of a dictionary.
Their compositions will begin to display sophisticated logical
and paragraph structure and elements of written style.


2000 USD Per year

per Module ( 15 weeks). Accommodation costs 250 USD per month or 1000 USD per Module

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