Institute for Social Sciences of the RANEPA has comfortable student dormitories for its undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. On RANEPA Moscow campus, students are assigned to double rooms that include a shared bathroom, mini-fridge, TV, and bed and a study desk/desks. Each residence floor is equipped with a kitchen, recreation room, and resident assistant’s quarters, who offers help with everyday issues. 

Building 4

offered for contract students and students who were awarded with the Institute for Social Sciences partial scholarships.

Dormitory Fees is 16 000 rubles per month and should be covered each month in advance during first 3 days of the month, for example, students pay 100% of the dormitory fee for December from 1 to 3rd December. Dormitory fee may be covered in advance for a few months or the whole duration of the study.

Recommended for a first-year students (undergraduate and graduate) to pay 3 months dormitory fee upon arrival (48 000 rubles). In this situation, the next payment should be done by December 3rd.

The dormitory fee may be increased once a year. The students are informed in advance with the official letter from the Department of International Policy.

Building 8

offered ONLY for students awarded with a government scholarship (Quota) or Institute for Social Sciences 100% scholarships.
Dormitory fee is 2500 rubles per month and should be paid each month in advance during first 3 days of the present month. This price valid only for those students who have Russian Government support (Quotas).

Building 9

Institute for Social Sciences of the RANEPA has an on-campus hotel for visiting professors and participants in conferences and other academic events. The hotel includes simple and comfortable rooms for a more budget-conscious option, as well as business-class suites. All rooms have a telephone, television, refrigerator, and a private full bathroom.
For registration at the dormitory students must provide the following documents at the time of arrival on campus:

  1. Identification (passport and photocopy of passport).
  2. Medical certificates (№ 086 / U) confirming the absence of conditions which could disqualify a student from student housing.
  3. Registration documents for student housing
  4. Except for the document of admission to RANEPA
  5. Two 3 x 4 photos